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Aishwarya BS


I focus on art as a hobby... Hobby should be like something which ease one’s stress right! One should be happy doing it.

Hello! I am Aishwarya B S, from Karnataka State, in beautiful India.

My passion is to sketch, paint and do all the art stuff. This willingness to do something with colours started not like two or three days back, but initiated way back from an young age.

All started with plastic crayons, oil pastels, pencils, colour pencils, water-colours and have reached acrylic colours for now. I focus art as a hobby and would like to continue as a hobby. Hobby should be like something which ease one’s stress right! One should be happy doing it.

I’m 23 years old, hailing with the science background in academics. I always kept painting as a hobby, rather not including into studies. This made me enjoy while doing any art stuff. I used to attend art classes in school days and used to wait desperately just to attend those classes.

Looking at my interest in sketching and painting, my parents have retained a wall in the living area just to hang my paintings. For some days it was a trend to gift my hand painted canvases and framed paintings to beloved ones (relatives, neighbours and friends).

I have sold two customized paintings (acrylic on canvas) one to an home-stay and another to a farm house. I attend these streets wall painting events in the city whenever I’m free from work.

In between these canvases, I have learned Calligraphy and the new trending modern calligraphy. I have started a page on instagram recently called “bliss_is_art”. I here by request, all the readers of my bio to follow my page and encourage.

Karnataka is a state in India, which encourages all forms of art and it feels good that I’m from this place. I still remember that blissful moment, in the 4th grade I won the state level painting competition and was awarded as “Baala Kala Nipune” which means an young expert in the field of art.

I immensely thank all my teachers and parents for their support and encouragement.

Welcome to my World!

The Art of Aishwarya BS

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