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Fred Odle


With the music going, I'm in Nirvana, I simply live for my daughter and the next creation.

Hi there!  I'm Fred, a full time artist/designer from Barbados.

I run a multi-disciplined workshop where I produce a range of creative works, everything from drawings to paintings to textiles to wall hangings, masks and mirrors along with a bunch of other stuff... you could say I'm addicted to creating!  With the music going, I'm in Nirvana, I simply live for my daughter and the next creation.

I am self taught as creating came naturally hanging with my uncle who was a few years older than I.  I simply imitated him starting with drawing and making kites; however I ventured a bit further and was soon weaving mats from wool, making flowers and making jewelry from seeds that I collected.

This change as I entered the world of work but within a short time I was back creating full time doing signage and printing labels a well as T-shirt design for screen printing from my little one person studio. I learned Graphic Design and soon added that service to my arsenal, my direction change and I began to make a range of wall hanging and mirrors that I still do today.

Right now I am having the best time as a creative and enjoying the whole process and when not making visual work I dabble with music making, an interesting process as it differs totally from the way visuals are made. My concepts and processes are greatly influenced by all that's around me including the music, and idea can pop up any time, sometimes it seems there's more ideas than time but I'll get to each of them one by one! 

As mentioned above I have a lil daughter who comes and asks for paper and paint, there's nothing I can do but indulge her for it seems to be a genetic trait, she is who she is.


The Art of Fred Odle

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