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Luminaire Boréal


My name is Jocelyn Belair and my craft is wood turning. 

My passion for woodwork stems from music. I've been a musician for some years, and I fell in love with my instrument: the bass. I enjoyed so much taking care of it and listen observantly the wood resounding differently as the seasons went by. 

In my quest for understanding this living instrument, I nurtured an interest for lutherie and music instrument crafting. So I worked ten years crafting pipe organs. A few random enounters later, and driven by the yearning to express myself differently through wood, I became interested into wood turning.

The wood turner reveals beauty through the defects of the wood grain, preferring to work with the smoothness of green wood. The wood is then allowed to age so that the minerals, insects and fungi reveal its character. Wood turning is therefore at the antipodes of cabinetmaking.

This is how Luminaire Boreal was born! Boreal, of course after the boreal forest where my most treasured wood for crafting my shades grows: the trembling aspen. This is an undervalued wood in the industry, barely used for heating. But for me, it bares the advantage of remaining green for long, providing long casks, growing fast and widespread in Quebec. 

From tree to light...

The outside of the log is first turned to the desired lines and dimensions. It will then be emptied until the walls are thin enough to let light filter through, roughly 2 millimeters. At this stage, the turning process is executed in the dark, and a single light bulb is used in order to reach a steady thickness and translucence over the whole surface of the shade. 

All the lamps and shades are meticulously sanded down, oiled and assembled into a utilitary, useful and durable artwork. Besides their beauty and elegance, they fill the space with a warm light. Just as my bass, my lamps and shades are alive through the organic texture of the light as a testimony to the splendor and pride of the tree that bore them. No maintenance is required but dusting with a smooth dry cloth as needed. 

Artworks from Luminaire Boréal

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