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The Little Valentine's Day Tale

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The little Valentine's day tale

LoversThe love and lovers celebration that takes place on february 14th takes its origin in 14th century England, when it was believed that birds chose precisely this day to mate. 

Lovers used to exchange then sweet love notes and red roses. From England, the tradition spread across European aristocracy, then became popular around 18th century. In the country, Valentine's day celebrations could span along a whole week during which lovers would court their chosen one, and convince her to go at their side to the "bal des brandons", on the first sunday of lent.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Valentine's day as a commercial feast took a leap in development in the 1950's United States. The exchange of Valentine's cards would replace traditional love notes as flower and chocolates sellers gleefully joined the celebration. 

Today, the traditional concept of Valentine's day where cards and gifts are exchanged between lovers tends to evolve towards a more holistic celebration in which we show appreciation to our beloved ones. 

In 21st century, valentine's day remains for many a celebration of love, whereas others feel harrassed by constant social pressure and commercial side of this celebration. It gets sometimes even worse for those of us who are single. From this stems the idea of celebrating love itself, and not necessarily being in a couple. Spread joy around you, and of course, treat yourself as well !

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