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Charanga Violin Sculptures


Charanga Violin Wood Sculpture


Marvelous statue in polished wood and aluminum. Music seems to spring forth from this violin played by an invisible violonist. The perfect gift for a musician friend, or anybody fond of music-themed décor for an office, recording studio, living room or bedroom. The hand is removable for shipping.

In some spanish-speaking countries, charanga means fanfare. In Cuba, since early 20th century, it means an orchestra led by violins on backgrounds of  other instruments such as flute, piano, cello and drums.

  • This is an hand-crafted item. Colors and/or wood grain may vary.
  • H 16,9 x L 7,7 x D 2,8 in
  • 0,7 lb

The artisan behind ...

Isaias CebollasFrom Varadero, Isaias is a proud ambassador of the creativity of the Cuban artisans. His musical inspiration has given us the stunning pieces in our Keep Up the Rhythm collection. 

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