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We showcase your art

  • There is no fee for you!
  • Your products are shown on our website. When an item of yours is sold, we send you the order, and payment is transferred to you once the item is shipped to the customer.

How does it work?

  • You set the price for your art, on which Latitudes will add fees for marketing, shipping, banking, and a mark up.
  • When an order is placed, it is sent to you. You pack, ship to the customer, and upon receipt of the shipping bill, the amount is transferred to you for the item price and shipping fees together.
  • Latitudes showcases and promote your artwork.
  • Your products will be shown on our online boutique, as well as on Amazon.
  • We have a promotional presence on Facebook and a dynamic presence on Instagram and Pinterest. 
  • You get a personal page on our website, with your bio and all your artworks
  • Latitudes will provide you with promotional material, including personalized artist story cards.

Our mission

Latitudes World Décor was born to bridge the gap between artisans and lovers of beauty worldwide. Our mission is to suit the finest and exclusive handmade arts and crafts with every unique customer.

With just a click, we share beauty from anywhere to everywhere.

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