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Are you the creator of beautiful arts & crafts?

Would you like a window to the world? 

We could showcase your art at no cost to you!

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We are receiving a lot of submissions. Thank you for your patience. We will answer every submission form we receive.

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Our form is available in english, french or spanish. Use the switcher at the top right of the form.


Want to know more?

If my work is approved, then how does it work?

Send us pictures:
  • Latitudes works on a dropshipping model. We showcase pictures of your artworks.  We do not buy your art, we promote it.
  • You set the price for your art - including International shipping, on top of which Latitudes will add it's mark up.

We Showcase your Art

  • Your products will be shown on our online boutique, and with a minimum of 10 artworks, shown on our Amazon shop.
  • You get a personal page on our website, with your bio and all your artworks, which page you can easily share if you wish.


  • Copy of the order is sent to you with half-payment
  • You pack and ship to the customer
  • Upon receipt of shipping bill, we pay you in full.

You can read our full terms and conditions here


How come it's free? How does Latitudes benefits?

Our first benefit is to be able to offer our customers beautiful arts from around the world without inventory costs for us.

Latitudes will add a mark up on your price, to cover for promotional and administrative fees. Depending on art type, art size, art price, the mark up ranges around 30%.  


Why Latitudes?

Do you do your own marketing? Then you know how time and resource consuming it can be!

Unlike big online marketplaces dedicated to arts and crafts, or "ready-to-use" websites for artists, Latitudes wishes to promote quality and originality over quantity, with a highlight on the artisan behind the artwork while offering personalised services to its community.


Our Mission

Here at Latitudes, we believe gathering worldwide's artisans creativity in a single marketplace bears benefits for all. Furthermore, Latitudes does not demand any exclusivity on your work. Instead, it offers you an additional window to the world. You may showcase your products on Latitudes and on as many other marketplaces you wish, simultaneously. 


We would love to know you and get you known out there!

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