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Metal Vintage Guitar, Violin or Sax

Latitudes Décor

Metal Vintage Guitar, Violin or Sax


Listen, am I asleep or there is music in the air? Where does this beautiful melody, soft rhythm come from?...... Ah! It turns out to be the music ornament hanging on the end of the corridor. 

These music wall decor is of unique modeling, it is surrounded by beautiful notes in the circular border, once you see it you just can't help but like it. The music ornament's design which breaks the restrain of the frame is creative and innovative, leave the audience a deep impression, and very much of modern art features.

The use of notes element adds the beauty of music rhythm for the house environment. Try imagine that a real music instrument was hung at home, it's like the whole place is filled with the wonderful music melody, wouldn't it be wonderful! 


  • A delicate artwork handmade and welded by professional artist. 
  • Instrument modeling and notes element, fill the home with music melody. 
  • High quality baking paint is applied on the surface, paint won't fade nor peel off. 
  • Innovative modeling breaks the border limit, modern art style. 
  • A perfect ornament for home decoration, dining table or a gift to the loved ones. 
  • Enlightens every daily life. 
  • Ship from China.  Click here for estimated shipping time.


  • Material: Iron 
  • Color: Gold, silver, black 

The Violin

  • Product size: 37 * 3 * 61cm / 14.5 * 1.2 * 24in 
  • Product weight: 861g / 30.4oz 
The Saxophone 
  • Product size: 34 * 3 * 62cm / 13.4 * 1.2 * 24.4in 
  • Product weight: 773g / 27.3oz 

The Guitar 

  • Product size: 37 * 3 * 63cm / 14.5 * 1.2 * 24.8in 
  • Product weight: 968g / 34.1oz 

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