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Spring Leaf Ibis Bronze Statuette Sculptures

Burkina Faso

Spring Leaf Ibis Bronze Statuette


This gorgeous bronze sculpture is cast from solid bronze in Burkina Faso using the lost wax method. Talented metal workers in Burkina Faso fashion this abstract ibis bird sculpture from bronze. A leaf forms the bird's body, creating a beautifully stylized tribute to nature. This intriguing piece of art showcases Burkinabe metal casting skill and creativity.

Each sculpture is completely one-of-a-kind, so color and shape may vary slightly.

  • Fair trade
  • Size: 9"L x 5"W x 13"T

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Village Artisanal Ouagadougou Artisanal Village

Burkina Faso gathers hugely talented craftsmen and women mastering several techniques, of which lost wax casting is a major one. 

Our figurines are a wonderful representation of this technique. It embodies the beauty of the african woman, the grace and internal strength of the african feminine mystique. 

Open in October 2000,  the Ouagadougou art village brings together in a space of creation, production and trade, the works of more than 500 craftsmen and women, in order to promote Burkina Faso arts and crafts.

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