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Balinese Yoga sculpture - Latitudes World Décor

Bali & Java

'Asana' Statuette


Wayan Rendah captures the elegant pose of a young woman stretching into a familiar yoga pose. The fluid curves of her lithe, youthful body are portrayed in a figurative style, heightened by the warm glow of the suar wood. The polished grain enhances the cool line of a beautiful signature piece. This item is signed by the artist.

  • This is a unique handcrafted piece. Wood grain and color can vary slightly. 
  • H 6.25 x L 10.25 x D 2.4 in
  • 0.5 lb

    Wayan Rendah, wood carving from Bali

    The artistry of Wayan Rendah has been featured in numerous periodicals, including Sunset magazine.

    "My ideas were unconventional at the time - developing abstract figures inspired by the form and texture of the piece of wood I had selected, combining traditional themes with modern poses and more sensual shapes 
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