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Handmade decorative toys

Anna is a very talented and versatile artist from Ukraine. She creates absolutely adorable plush toys that are very decorative as well. She picks her inspiration from her love for her children:

"My name is Anna, I am 39 years old.

As with many of my vocations, I did not immediately find it. I graduated from the Faculty of Law of the International Solomon University and some time I worked for this specialty.

But with the advent of my beloved children, Ilya and Darya in my life came changes that helped me look at life in a completely different way. With the birth of children a new dream and a vocation was born-to make this world more beautiful and more fun.

Now I work as a decorator. Most often I decorate festive events for children, family photo sessions and events, as well as handmade decorative toys.

Artworks from Anna:


Make your world beautiful and their dreams possible.

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