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Welcome to Latitudes

What we do and why we do it

Artisans worldwide, and more so in developing countries, produce the finest works without having the proper channels to market their goods. Unless picked up by passing tourists, they rarely dispose of the means to make the beauty of their pieces known to the world, let alone travel from their workshops to our living rooms.



Bridge the gap

Latitudes World Décor was born to bridge the gap between artisans and lovers of beauty worldwide. Our mission is to bring the finest handmade arts and crafts to you, on a click, wherever you are.

By providing artisans exposure to customers worldwide, we promote their work and encourage their livelihood.


Your unique taste deserves unique gifts

By bringing exclusive, unique arts and crafts to you on a click, we make a statement that handmade is beautiful, that your unique taste deserves unique gifts. Not industrialized, not made in series or on a chain, but made with care, with attention to the faintest details, and with, in mind, the satisfaction of your taste for beauty, arts and décor.

A piece from Latitudes is unique, handmade and offered to you, wherever you are.




Quality :     We help providing artisans the best conditions to produce the finest works of their hands, taking into account the needs and tastes of our customers

Exclusivity :     Arts and crafts may look alike, but they are unique, just like each of us. By selling handmade, we ensure you are the owner of a unique piece. 

Solidarity :     We believe progress must be mutual; that by offering you a vast choice of unique accent pieces from worldwide artisans, we help making your world beautiful, and their dreams possible.

Universality :     We believe beauty is created anywhere and appreciated anywhere else; worldwide. Maybe the sculpture you needed for your living room in Ontario was created by skilled hands in an unknown village in Burkina Faso…or the best painting matching your hall in California, was carefully brushed by a Haitian inspiration…


Browse it. Click on it. We’ll get it to your doorstep...

"Because at Latitudes, we share beauty from anywhere, to everywhere."




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