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Eka - Wood carvings from Bali & java"Even though now I am alone, I always keep my spirit up and go on strong for my children."

"I am Eka, and I was convinced to sell my art by my husband Putra Suteja. Unfortunately he passed away in 2009 after a long illness, leaving me with a 3 year old daughter and a 10 days old son. I decided to honor his memory by continuing carving, something I learnt from my father from a very young age. Dad would carve and my mother, brothers and I would finish the pieces. We worked this way until I married Putra Suteja.

"He liked to carve coconut shells and we enjoyed developing new styles and designs together, then I would make the samples. Now that I'm the sole provider for my children, I continue to carve coconut shells, and I also carve statuettes from wood.

"My children are my biggest motivation to work and to move on. Even though now I am alone, I always keep my spirit up and go on strong for my children. Thanks to them I do not falter, and thanks to all of you for always supporting me.

"Being able to sell my products worldwide means I can feed my children – I will always do my best to provide a good future for them. Thanks to you all, because you encourage me to continue developing new ideas and designs for the sculptures so they will be always liked."


'Love Links''Parallel Gemini'

'Le Fou du Roi''Mother's Touch'

'Spring Foliage''Self Essence'


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  • Ida Kesumawaty ( Bella) on

    Hi Eka, saya Bella live in Canada
    You are so talented and all your creation are awesome
    Good thing to see you in art business and hope I can help you to sell it in here , I am also designer but in fashion
    Well nice to know you and God bless your business

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