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Gung Gus


Hand-painted wood sculptures and masks
 - - Bali & Java - -

My full name is Anak Agung Gede Bagus Ari Panji Widya Pratista -- such a long name given to me by my parents!

Our Indonesian names reflect our customs and the importance we give to family heritage.

According to our traditions, my names mean the following: Anak Agung implies royal lineage; Gede tells that I am the first child; Bagus literally means handsome and also indicates I am male, and Ari Panji Widya Pratistais is my real name.

However, people call me Gung Gus, short for Agung Bagus.

I was born and raised in Ubud, which allowed me to be in touch with artisans on a daily basis. Most of my family members are carvers - carving is our family heritage. You could say I developed an ability to carve just by seeing my relatives at work everyday.

Other than carving, I also love to paint so after trying different procedures I finally found a way to combine wood carving with painting.

My parents were adamant we had a higher education, so they sent my brother and me to college. We were expected to study hard and carve during our spare time in order to support our studies.

Times were hard then, but I knew counted on my parents unfailing support; they kept telling me, "work is a must", but with good education people will respect you even more.





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