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Roberto Hernandez Cruz

LATITUDES World Decor Artisan Cuba Culture Ecuador Roberto Hernandez Cruz

Roberto Hernandez Cruz is a Cuban artist based in Quito, Ecuador. His collection, which is shown here consists mostly of paintings ranging from realism to abstract, and his subject matters from scenes of everyday city life to the green wilderness of the rainforests. Under his brush, everyday life vests a vibrant aura depicted in minutious strokes. 

"I majored in Fine Arts at the Academia San Alejandro de Cuba and I have worked as a professor of painting, drawing and ceramics, as well as director of the "Casa de la Ceramica". I have participated in Expos in different countries and as of now, I am a freelance artist. 

 Right now, I base my projects on any images of any places, which can even be a street or a sidewalk, and paint the elements that talk to my inspiration. My work, besides the aesthetic side, also aims to compel society to stop and admire the omnipresent beauty in our surroundings which is often taken for granted."


Artworks from Roberto Hernandez Cruz:


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  • Jessee Amieiro Garcia on

    Mi hermano,cómo has estado, te aprecio mucho,un abrazo maestro.

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