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5 Cheap Ways to Showcase your Paintings


5 Cheap Ways to Showcase your Art


You've just got a new artwork! Congrats!

An original painting, on which you can feel the brush and smell the colors, is a great acquisition that brings warmth and character to any home.

So, you invested a few hundred dollars and bought a unique piece of art. Or even better! You took the paint in you own hands and succeeded in creating a decent artwork, which you feel proud to showcase.

And now, it's time to frame it. For those who are shopping frames for the first time, you may be surprised. A quality frame is often as expensive as the painting itself... if not more, depending on the size and on the style of the frame.

But what if you don't feel like investing that much money, or if you don't have it now? Because you want to expose you art now. Well, there are alternative solutions to expensive framing.


1. Just don't frame it

Kiss. Keep it stupid simple. The solution is cheap and easy, and the painting may be framed at a later time. You may have a canvas stretched and framed for less than a hundred dollars.

Your painting will have a neat and minimalistic look, that brings all the attention to the artwork itself.

A large painting always has a striking effect on a room, framed or unframed. The effect is boosted here with a dark grey wall that warms even more the mahogany and golden tones of the painting.

Some paintings are so colorful that they don't even need any other embellishment.

Simplicity is always in. And so relaxing!

A painting is hung on the wall while the other one lays on the console, for an easy and casual atmosphere.

2. Recover and Recycle

It is not difficult to find old paintings with nice frames. Garage sales, second hand stores or flea markets are full of them. Your friends, your family or even yourself may have a few in storage. 

Take a second look at the framing. It's quite an enjoyable and satisfactory week-end DIY project to revamp an old frame to fit a new artwork. It can be painted or dyed for a more subtle finish. You can give it an antique look, cover it with gold or silver leaves or even glitters. They are plenty of great ideas online to tickle your creativity.


3. Broken glass? New decor!

A broken glass does'nt bring seven years of bad luck anymore. It brings a new décor.

Where you could find old paintings, you will find broken or old mirrors as well. And you will delightfully discover that there are far more variety with mirror frames. Some framing that may look cheesy or bizarre gets a totally new life with a painting inserted in it.

Mirror frames also have a lot more different shapes. Dare to modify the shape of your canvas for amazing results.

Our best days is when we find a broken glass which is part of a kit, console, chest or desk. It is now a whole new décor that will emerge. Very simple or very adorned, cheap or expensive, these kits get another personnality when combined with art. Absolutely gorgeous!

You may try all styles, all shapes, all colors! It is always nice.

4. Cable it, pin it, mesh it!

Suspension cables are a method of hanging paintings that you will tipically see in a museum or an art gallery. But the idea has made its way in personal homes, where it brings a very slick and sophisticated atmosphere, for a more than reasonable price.

It is easy to find suspension systems in most hardware stores, and it is also very easy to create at home.  Magnetic frames are a fast and easy way to showcase your favorite photos and works!

You can buy magnetic frames here.  They are available in 4 colors and 4 different sizes!


For smaller artwork, there is even more possibilities.

Latitudes Décor offers a very nice selection of Magnetic Cables suspension for artworks and photo. You can choose from 16 different patterns! Check it here.

Mesh it!

Mesh plates are available in various dimensions and can be easily painted. It is a very creative and decorative way to showcase different types of artwork and accessories.


5. Enclose it!

Another sleek technique is to expose your canvas under an acrylic plate and fix it to the wall with decorative nails, for a very impressive floating look. You will find here a nice tutorial on working with acrylic, by At Charlotte's House.

Not only for paintings

Did you ever think about putting something else than paintings into frames? Other types of artworks get very well together with frames, that make them the highlight of the room.



Are you an amateur of great decoration ideas at small prices? Don't miss our previous blog on different ways to use mandala's Indian linens. You will find stunning ideas starting from 35$.

Have a good week-end!


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