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Ten Valentine's day handmade gift ideas


Valentine's day: Ten original ideas of handmade gifts

Tired of a Valentine's season that has become all too commercial? It might be refreshing to make a return to the good'ol Valentine's simple traditions.  Nothing beats a handmade gift which is, literally,  a form of gift of self. Of course, it's not always easy to scrape the time...That's why we have gathered in this post, ten wonderful ideas of handmade Valentine's day gifts, all handamde, and most of all, easy to craft. 

But first of all, Why do we even celebrate Valentine's day? Where does this tradition come from? 


The little Valentine's day tale

LoversThe love and lovers celebration that takes place on february 14th takes its origin in 14th century England, when it was believed that birds chose precisely this day to mate. 
Lovers used to exchange then sweet love notes and red roses. From England, the tradition spread across European aristocracy, then became popular around 18th century. In the country, Valentine's day celebrations could span along a whole week during which lovers would court their chosen one, and convince her to go at their side to the "bal des brandons", on the first sunday of lent.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Valentine's day as a commercial feast took a leap in development in the 1950's United States. The exchange of Valentine's cards would replace traditional love notes as flower and chocolates sellers gleefully joined the celebration. 

Today, the traditional concept of Valentine's day where cards and gifts are exchanged between lovers tends to evolve towards a more holistic celebration in which we show appreciation to our beloved ones. 

Global Union patternIn 21st century, valentine's day remains for many a celebration of love, whereas others feel harrassed by constant social pressure and commercial side of this celebration. It gets sometimes even worse for those of us who are single. From this stems the idea of celebrating love itself, and not necessarily being in a couple. Spread joy around you, and of course, treat yourself as well!

A Handmade gift is a gift of self 

We all celebrate differently, even though no matter the time in history, it seems like a gift of our time is a timeless gift... Offering some craft of our own making, cooking our favourite dish, share with our loved ones all the wonders of having them around, or, why not? in a love note like in olden days; these are all genuine ways of showing our love and appreciation on a special day. 

For your inspiration, here are some craft ideas, both easy and quick to produce. Have fun!


1. An original wish card 

Greeting card
Source: Real Simple


2. A personalised CD

Valentine's day CD
Source: Design Mom

A classic. create a unique playlist for your loved one or a record of favourite tunes to dance. For your valentine, pick the songs that bring you back to special moments for both of you 

3. A lovely cookie jar

Bricolage de St-Valentin à faire soi-même - pots massonSource: The 36th Avenue

Unleash your creativity while offering the sweetest memories of his/her favourite colours.


4. Decorate his/her workspace

Love photo tile
Source: Martha Stewart

Print beautiful pictures of your couple and arrange them in the shape of your choice (a heart, maybe?). They may be arranged in any pattern of your liking, let it be love, sea or nature in general, Pictures with different tints of the same colour render a beautiful tile effect 

Here's an alternative:
Love arts and crafts
Source: Designmag.fr


5. The crown of hearts

Crown of hearts

A perfect idea to bring the little ones to the party. Easy to produce; all you need is paper, glue and scissors. You may use colourful commercial papers, but also used giftwrap paper remains or select pages of magazines...or wait...children like to use their crayons too, don't they? 

6. Fancy strawberries

Coated Strawberries

Dip your strawberries in a chocolate or honey coating then in crushed cookies, cocoa or dried fruit... Guaranteed smiles!


7. Little love jar

Pot masson avec billets doux
Source: Crème de la craft

Write your love thoughts on small pieces of paper and enclose them in a beautifully wrapped jar. Being creative and personal is key. 

8. Candle engraving

Engraved candle
Source: Carved Initial Candle by Henry Happened

Your initials or any othe message of your choice, engraved on an aromatic candle, you could even spread light glue on the engravings and sow them with glitters. 


 9. The Morning surprise

Phone message
Source: Valentine’s Day Cell Phone Wallpapers by Family Centsability

Welcome your loved one to this day with a sweet message from the get-go with a discrete message on his/her phone screen...No ferreting any further than this! 

10. Spare love gestures

Random love gestures

Kisses, touches and spare surprises, to be claimed anytime...Makes it even kind of kinky...

So, not really a do-it-yourself kind of person?

Finally, if you don't feel the calling of all that craft-making, the message-writing or the cooking (we don't judge you!), you may still offer a gift handmade by worldwide artisans. The world is rich of talented artisans and here at Latitudes, we made it our mission to bring you the finest handmade creations from artisans worldwide...fill the gap between artisans and lovers of beauty worldwide, like you. 

A handmade gift is always unique. It takes root in an artist's inspiration and is crafted with care by skilled and loving hands and a special aura for every single item.

With all our love, we're sharing with you these love and romance-inspired pieces from artisans worldwide: 

Cuban sculpture - Latitudes World Décor
The embrace  (CUBA)
Ebony on marble


Bronze lost-wax casting - Latitudes World Décor
Love Fusion (BURKINA FASO)
Bronze Lost-wax casting

Hibiscus wood wall mask - Latitudes Décor
Friendship links (BALI)
Hibiscus wood wall mask


Rhada and Krishna
Rhada and Krishna (INDE)
Batik tapestry


Love Collection - Latitudes World Décor
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Heureuse St-Valentin!


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