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Affordable art: helping artisans through derivative products


Affordable art: helping artisans through derivative products

Early in 2017, Latitudes has come up with one ground-breaking and innovative project: the derivative products. What’s that would we ask? Derivative products are all everyday items, like dresses, mugs, posters, T-shirts to which we, at Latitudes add a touch of art…by using the artwork (mostly paintings) of our networking artisans worldwide!


We did not forget fashionistas! We created a stunning collection of clothing inspired from art: bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, tank tops; unique and exclusive.

Affordable art    

The project is a one-of-a-kind way of offering exposure to an artisan’s work. First of all, knowing that you, our dear customers, enjoy the expressive and colorful presence of art in your lives, it gives the possibility to enjoy it not only by buying a painting, but by integrating the artwork in our everyday life. A cozy one-piece dress printed with art-work? We’ve got it. A T-shirt with your favourite painting? Here it is. A throw-pillow to accompany this painting you bought, or why not, just to blend in with the color accents of your living-room? You don’t even need to buy the original painting, the artwork is enters your everyday life. Of course, if you want the painting, it is yours to pick!

In one split-second, with our derivative product project, buying artwork has stopped being a one-time static activity: art suddenly breathes in our everyday lives!

Helping artisans through derivative products

But hey, our joy would not be complete only if we and our customers were happy about it. The most essential person in this project is the creator; the artisan; and he (she) in that instance, has not been left out, sharing with us to leverage our worldwide access to you, our audience. At Latitudes, selling derivative products is one singular way to give exposure, visibility and value to the work of all these artisans, who created all those pieces with joy, inspiration, and the dream that someday they are not only appreciated, but become a consistent source of revenue for him (her) and all the beloved ones. And we at Latitudes are doing just this: With the purchase of any product, a fair part of the proceeds are transferred to the artisan, encouraging, giving that sense of pride, and inspiring future works which we all will enjoy. With our derivative products, an artwork is not a one-time revenue for the artisan, but a recurring revenue source every time you welcome one of his works in your lifestyle.

We couldn’t be any prouder!

No more to say, we happily invite you to enjoy our collection of derivative products. Dresses, throw-pillows, posters, and so many more to come!

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