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Pantone season's palette: What will be your spring colour?


What will be your spring colour?

Let's try to forget about the snow... Because it’s on its way. Soon. Well: a warm breath, the revitalizing scent of earth, and we know winter is on its way out, and spring if making an entrance. The monotonous white and grey season will relinquish its place to the rich palette of spring colours. It’s the beautiful season, where nature offers its most magnificent show to the eyes, as flowers blossom under the benevolent sun before being hidden under the rich tones of green of trees’ foliages.

Spring colours represent vitality, youth, triumphant return of life itself; humans, the flora and fauna alike respond to that. Birds sing, warmth comes back and the flood of colours is for many synonym of joy and new projects. In springtime we venture into flourishing our space, beautify our décor and surround ourselves with natural and inspiring colours.

Pantone and the colour industry

In fact, colours fuel quite an industry which influences many sectors of economic activity such as fashion, industrial design as well as graphic design, marketing and product development; and the worldwide leader of this industry is Pantone, a company which developed in the sixties an innovative system of colour identification still used in printing nowadays.

For the decades, experts of the Pantone Color Institute ply the globe in quest of new chromatic influences, drawing inspiration from the entertainment industry, movie production, new artists, fashion and trending tourist destinations while keeping in mind new lifestyles, new ways to have fun or new socio-economic conditions.

Pantone Color of the Year 2017Every year, Pantone unveils a preferred colour – the colour of the year – which for 2017 is the Greenery tone, as it was developed in a previous post.

Of course, a single colour can never make everybody happy…not good business either. For this reason Pantone also proposes two seasonal colour palettes: one in spring, the other in fall each year.

Influenced by high fashion and presented together with the New York Fashion Week, it’s through the Fashion colour report  that Pantone unveils the spectrum that is bound to become our essential guide of seasonal colours. Rest assured: you will find these colours at your fashion store as well as your design and décor retailer.

A mixture of vitality, relaxation and open air ...

... that’s what defines the colour choices for spring 2017.”Vibrant tones inspired by nature hand in hand with earth nuances as a reminder of the colours that nature offers us everyday” explains Leatrice Eiseman, CEO of the Pantone Colour Institute.

She goes on to explain: “From the warmth of sunny days with the Primrose yellow to the invigorating sensation of the pure mountain air with Kale, added to the pleasure of splashing in crystal clear water with Island Paradise, designers have jungled with colour in a playful, judicious and precise manner in order to capture promise, hope and renewal brought by the spring.”

Behold: the 2017 spring-summer colours: 2017 spring-summer colours:

Pantone Colors of the Year 2017

Pantone #13-0755
Primrose Yellow

According to the Pantone Institute, this joyful nuance will instantly warm your day and spring your enthusiasm and good mood. In décor, yellow is often preferred as an accent colour, and this particular yellow will put in highlight your painting and wall décor.

Pantone - Primrose Yellow

Pantone #13-1404
Pale Dogwood

Pale Dogwood  is a calm and restful rosy tone, with an aura of innocence and purity dixit the Pantone Institute. This discrete and soft pink will meet a sure popularity in the fashion industry since it transmits an enhancing effect to most skin tones. In décor, you may choose this colour to create a relaxing atmosphere or to place alongside vivacious colours on which you want to bring attention.


Pantone Pale Dogwood

Pantone #13-1514

Pantone proposes with this light brownish tone which reminds us of our genuine link to Mother Earth. Hazelnut is a transition colour that combines perfectly with other seasonal colours. A timeless neutral.

Good news for those who don’t like to overhaul their décor! This neutral tone will happily mix with all other primary and secondary colours; by choosing it as base for your décor, you will be delighted just by changing accessories at will.

Pantone Color 2017 - Hazelnut

Pantone #14-4620
Island Paradise

Contrasting with the softness of the previous colours, Pantone offers a refreshing aquamarine aimed at nurturing our travel projects and our desire to relax. This colour is a breath of fresh air. Combine it with the yarrow pink tone to create a space with tropical background.

Pantone Color 2017 - Island Paradise

Pantone #17-1462

This warm orange is amusing and friendly! Vivaceous and flamboyant, this theatrical colour brings a touch of fire to the 2017 spring/summer collection, as explained by the Pantone Institute specialists. It is generally not recommended to paint a whole room this colour, unless of a calculated impact. However, a single accent wall or decorative items of this colour will instantly make your décor more welcoming.

Pantone Color 2017 - Flame

Pantone #17-2034
Pink Yarrow 

Tropical and festive, Pink yarrow is an audacious and hot pink which captivates attention. This stimulating colour is a stream of adrenaline which will certainly heighten our spirits, asserts Pantone once again.

As a matter of fact, it is a gorgeous tone, a vibrant pink that will enlighten a dress just as much as room designed for pleasure and entertainment. It could be an interesting choice to bring life to a small room, a small bathroom for instance.

Pantone Color 2017 - Pink Yarrow

Pantone #17-4123

Three nuances of blue are offered to us by Pantone for the opening spring season. Niagara blue is comfortable and reassuring. It’s a tone that reminds us of the classic blue jeans and will fulfill your needs to feel home and relaxed. This blue is a passe-partout and will be ideal for a room for which you need a resting atmosphere, such as a bedroom.

Pantone Color of the Year 2017 - Niagara 

Pantone #18-0107

Just like Greenery, the 2017 colour, Kale is a tone of green though slightly darker, originating from natural foliages, evoking open air, healthy lifestyle which revives our desire to connect with nature, says Leatrice Eiseman.

This kaki green will surely trend in 2017, on fashion walkways and in home décor alike. This oxygenating green is inspired from vertical gardens, green roofs and gorgeously accommodated natural parks.

Pantone Color 2017 - Kale

Pantone #19-4045
Lapis Blue

Blue occupies a preferred spot in the spring/summer colour spectrum of Pantone with this third nuance which transmits strong energy. Lapis Blue is a strong and assertive colour, and intense blue filled with intrinsic luminosity.

At first glance, this very dark tone may seem hard to adopt in interior design, but once applied, it brings to any décor calm vibrations inviting to relaxation.

Pantone Color 2017 - Blue Lapis

So…Did Pantone succeed in making the call of nature resonate in you?

We have to recognize that this array of charming tones mingle harmoniously in interior design and, used soundly, make your home décor colourful, spacious and welcoming.

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