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Working together


Welcome to Latitudes' community!

We are proud to have you as an artisan member of our community. Latitudes World Décor was born to bridge the gap between artisans and lovers of beauty worldwide. You are now one step closer to displaying your beautiful creations, and market them... worldwide.  Ain't that exciting!

You will find on this page all the necessary information to work together. If you need any further information, Latitudes is always available to help you.

1. Showcase your art

There is a two steps process to showcase your art on Latitudes.

1. Submit our biography.  Latitudes wishes to create a relation between artisans and customers.  Let them know a little bit more about you by filling the Artist Registration Form.

2. Submit your product. We need more information about each one of your piece: dimensions, materials, price, inspiration behind it... You need to fill this Artwork Form for each artwork you wish to showcase on Latitudes.



When submitting an artwork to Latitudes, the artist agrees to the following terms and conditions.

1. Visibility and Promotion

Latitudes Décor will showcase your art on its website and, with a minimum of 10 artworks submitted, will showcase it on its boutique Amazon as well.

Latitudes Décor will provide you with a personal page, that you can share as you wish..

Latitudes Décor will promote your artwork by newsletters and on social medias.


2. Intellectual Property

Latitudes guarantees a strict respect of your intellectual property and you keep ownership of your precious artworks at all times until they are sold.

However, Latitudes will use the pictures you provided for showcase and promotional purposes.

Useful information about pictures
Your pictures are your most powerful marketing tool. Good pictures are a must! They are key to catching the eye of your audience and kindle their imagination and interest.  Make sure your pictures are of good quality and appealing.  Pictures in .jpg or .png formats are perfect. Latitudes' website provides a zoom fonction for every product, so, for a better showcase of your artwork, the recommended size of pictures is 1600x1600. Pictures smaller than 800px x 800px may be rejected

If possible, take pictures under different angles.  It is great to have pictures with a unicolor background as well as pictures of your artwork in context.  On top of using pictures for showcasing your art, Latitudes may use the pictures for advertising purposes, so by accepting these terms, you are also allowing the pictures of your work to be displayed on advertising platforms such as Amazon, search engines and social media, in front of hundreds, thousands, or (why not?) millions of followers...not that bad, isn't it?


3. No Fees

There is no registration fees or commission fees for the artist showcasing its products at Latitudes.

Latitudes will add a mark up on your price, to cover for promotional and administrative fees. Depending on art type, art size, art price, the added mark up ranges around 25%-40%.  



4. Upon sale of an item

Latitudes will send you an email immediately after a customer has purchased one of your items.  Latitudes will provide you with the name and address of the customer.

At the same time, Latitudes will pay you half of the price you requested for the sold item.  Full paiement will be send to you upon proof of shipping.

Latitudes expects every order to be as soon as possible.  Please advise Latitudes promptly if you have problems with shipping.

Shipping and insurance fees are covered by the artist.


4. Packing

Pack carefully
Pack safely to the best of your practice in order. Latitudes may withdraw an item from its boutique if it arrives broken to a customer more than once. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice on packing specific items.

Branding material
Upon sale of an item, Latitudes will provide you by email with promotional and branding material to be included in the package. 

You may also use your own branding material on your work and your packing, but the box must include Latitudes's branding, in order to maintain trust of the customer who has purchased it on the Latitudes website.

Suggested gift wrapping
In order to stress on the "handmade" aspect of our items, Latitudes suggests the use of brown kraft paper to giftwrap the artwork and a jute rope bow tie or any ribbon with an artisanal touch. You may giftwrap your work this way before placing it in the external package. Customers feel they're receiving a gift, not a purchased item.

For paintings, we suggest using a tube box for larger sizes, as it will be cheaper for you.  But you have the control on the shipping fees, you can choose the method you want.



5. Shipping

Our free shipping policy
Latitudes offers a free shipping policy, because it has been proven to facilitate sales. This is why we requested that you add the shipping fees to all the artworks you provided us.

We suggest that you use standard shipping from your country postal service, because private companies such as DHL or FedEx have prohibitive shipping costs.

Insure package
At post office, please pay for insurance coverage for the full declared value of item(s). It only costs few additional dollars. Insuring the full value of your work is necessary for full reimbursement in case the item is delivered broken or damaged. Please kindly note that Latitudes won't repay you for any item lost or broken during shipping if you did not insure the package.

More details on the need for full insurance value and the return policy when an item is delivered broken are provided in the section "Working together when things don't go as planned". See below.

Return address
Since Latitudes will manage all customer service issues, and for insurance claim purposes, the return adress on the shipping tag MUST be that of Latitudes:

55 Francoise-Langlois
Montreal, Quebec

Shipping Receipt
Once the item shipped, please send a copy or picture of the shipping receipt with proof of insurance to Latitudes in order to receive your payment. 


6. Payment

Upon receipt of a valid shipping receipt, Latitudes transfers to the artist the other half amount of the item sold.

A valid shipping receipt provides:

  1. Correct name and address of customer
  2. Return adress of Latitudes
  3. Cost of chosen shipping mode by customer
  4. Proof and cost of insurance coverage


7. Non-exclusivity

Latitudes does not require exclusivity on your work. The artist is free to showcase his/her work on any other marketplace of his/her choice.

The artist is however responsible for communicating immediately to Latitudes once an item has been sold out on another channel. 


8. Termination of agreement

This agreement between you and Latitudes starts from the moment you submit the form "Artist Registration". 

This agreement may be terminated at any time and unilaterally by Latitudes or by yourself with a written advice. Latitudes will then remove your listings and will stop promoting them. 


9. Customer Service

Since it is important to work together when things don't go as planned, Latitudes has set out a simple return policy aimed primarily at the customer's satisfaction.  

This is why it is essential to always take insurance when you ship an order, whether local or international.  

Management of returns

Customer changed her mind Return item
  • Nothing has to be done by the artisan
  • Customer is prompted to return product to our place of business
  • Refund customer
  • Maintain product listing
  • Keep product in stock if it's first time product is returned
  • Next time the same item is sold, Latitudes will ship first the one in stock.
Article was delivered broken Customer wishes to be refunded
  • Artisan will try better packaging techniques in the future
  • Prompt customer to send pictures of broken item as received
  • Send pictures to artisan for better packaging process in the future
  • Submit insurance claim to transportation company
  • Refund customer
Article was delivered broken Customer wishes to receive same item again
  • Upon receiving photos of broken item:
  • artisan provides new item within production delays
  • artisan ships new item to customer
  • artisan sends shipping confirmation
  • artisan gets paid
  • Prompt customer to send pictures of broken item as received
  • Submit insurance claim to transportation company
  • refund customer




The words "Artisan" and "Artist' are both used in this agreement, and both represent the person submitting artwork(s) to Latitudes.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

  • All intellectual property and related material, including any trade secrets, moral rights, goodwill, relevant registrations or applications for registration, and rights in any patent, copyright, trademark, trade dress, industrial design and trade name (the "Intellectual Property") that is developed or produced under this Agreement, will be the sole property of the Artist. The use of the Intellectual Property by the Artist will not be restricted in any manner.
  • Latitudes may not use the Intellectual Property for any purpose other than that contracted for in this Agreement, for showcasing or promoting purposes.


  • Confidential information refers to any data or information relating to the business of the Artist which would reasonably be considered to be proprietary to the Artist and where the release of that Confidential Information could reasonably be expected to cause harm to the Artist.
  • Latitudes agrees that they will not disclose, divulge, reveal, report or use, for any purpose, any Confidential Information which Latitudes has obtained, except as authorized by the Artist or as required by law. The obligations of confidentiality will apply during the Term and will survive indefinitely upon termination of this Agreement.
  • All written and oral information and material disclosed or provided by the Artist to Latitudes under this Agreement is Confidential Information regardless of whether it was provided before or after the date of this Agreement or how it was provided to Latitudes.

Capacity/Independent Contractor

  1. In providing the Services under this Agreement it is expressly agreed that the Artist is acting as an independent contractor and not as an employee. The Artist and Latitudes acknowledge that this Agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture between them, and is exclusively a contract for service.

Governing Law

  1. This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec.


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