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Mountain Quetzal Wood Boxes (2) Decorative Boxes

El Salvador

Mountain Quetzal Wood Boxes (2)

$54.99 $59.99

This pair of rectangular pinewood decorative boxes are painted black with images in an earth-toned color palette of butterflies and birds soaring across mountain tops. The box lids open on leather hinges secured with upholstery tacks. The interiors of both boxes are painted black, and the smaller box can fit inside the larger one. These lovely decorative boxes are handcrafted by members of the God's Seed cooperative of El Salvador

  • Set of 2
  • pinewood, leather, upholstery tacks
  • 0.3 lbs
  • Large: 2.8 H x 4.3 W x 2.4 D in
  • Small: 2.2 H x 3.5 W x 1.6 D in

The artisan behind ...

"Our hopes and dreams are to provide opportunities for more men, women, fathers and mothers to have a better life, to send their children to school, to feed and clothe them."

"Our cooperative was founded in 1977 in El Salvador. Among the founders is the painter Fernando Llort who, together with other artisans, created world-famous designs. We began our work in 1976 with a workshop school to teach painting and carpentry skills, and then the cooperative was founded. We chose the name God's Seed to honor the seed of the jatoba or copal tree because, from the beginning, we painted beautiful landscapes on these seeds and sold them." 

"Our first works included paintings on wood, clay and the seeds. Later on, we began to paint religious paintings, and crosses with different scenes from the life of Christ. These first pieces are now part of a museum collection, of which we are very proud.

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