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'Welcome to the Jungle' Tapestry | Latitudes World Décor


'Welcome to the Jungle' Tapestry


A charming jungle scene is captured in this colorful wall hanging from Peru. Giraffes and elephants gather with other animals to drink from a pool of water as birds soar overhead. The women of the Santa Magdalena Association design this striking wall hanging, crafting the patchwork design by hand from cotton blend fabric. This particular style of Peruvian patchwork is known as arpilleria and working in this traditional art of arpilleria, women of the Santa Magdalena Association create this delightful piece. Each tiny figure is crafted in three dimensions and embroidered.

  • This item is hand-crafted. Colors ans/or motifs may vary slightly
  • 90% cotton, 10% acrylic
  • Dry clean only
  • A display rod -not included-  can be slipped through an opening at the top
  • 0.3 lbs
  • 19" L x 19" W

"Using cloth of distinctive shades and textures along with colorful wool and floss, we are able to tell about the history, legends and stories linked to our cultural roots."

"We're a group of homemakers from the town of Tembladera in Cajamarca's Yonan district. Before we became involved with this project, we were fulltime homemakers but we started getting together to share our textile skills. We knit, crochet, embroidery and craft all kinds of utilitarian objects, and we decided to form a group and work together... read more


Make your world beautiful and their dreams possible.

Latitudes World Decor | Latitudes Décors du Monde

Tapisserie à suspendre aux couleurs éclatantes: il s'agit d'une courtepointe réalisée selon la technique traditionnelle du arpillera (patchwork) par les femmes de l'Association Santa Magdalena.

  • Cet item est fait main! Couleurs et/ou  motifs peuvent différer légèrement
  • 90% coton, 10% acrylique
  • Dry clean only
  • Passe pôle à l'arrière
  • 0.14 kgs
  • 48 cm L x 48 cm W

Make your world beautiful and their dreams possible.

Latitudes Word Decor | Décors du Monde

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