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7 easy ways to get creative with ceramic knobs


Decorative knobs are always trendy! It is a piece of decor that's been around for always but still always following its time. Made from glass, from plastic, from ceramic or from steel, there is so much styles and gammes, the choice is infinite.

This is why it is a popular way to personalize a piece of furniture or even a whole space. And on top of that, it is a quick and easy decorating project.

When you change the knobs on a commercial chest you've bought, it becomes another chest, with your own style attached to it. And to use decorative knobs as the basic inspiration to redo an old CHOSE is a fun and ECOLO way to spend a week-end et achieve a nice accent for your home.

But let's get the knobs out the drawers... They fit as well on cabinet doors. A small bathroom cabinet will get a whole relook from two ceramic knobs. When used on kitchen cabinets or in the office, the entire room will get a new mood at a very basic price.

1. Coat & accessories knobs hangers

A handle is also a hook. Randomly put decoratives knobs on a wall make an original coat hanger as well as a nice decor idea.

For those well organized minds around, you may alternate a line up of ceramic knobs ans standard  hooks, for a practical and whimsical look.  Use a wooden board painted in an accent color for a coordinated effect.  Either ways, it is a great idea for a small entry or any small spaces.


2. Picture hanger decorative ceramic knobs

Make your small frames look bigger and more attractive by hanging them to a knob, using a ribbon or a decorative cord.

3. Jewelry Hanger Ceramic Knobs

Ceramic knobs are jewels themselves and create beautiful jewelry hangers. Shape and dimension are only limited by your imagination.

4. Wine Stopper Ceramic Knobs

A knob on top of a bottle cork is now a bottle MACHIN. This is a five minutes craft that you achieve with a cute knob, a cork and a bit of glue.  Precious wine must be kept in style.

Don't stick to wine bottles only.  You can enhance any cheap decorative bottle found in a dollar store by adding a nice ceramic knob bcap on it.  Fill it with bath salts and you get a very classy gift.

5. Ceramic Knobs Decorative Gift Boxes

The container is as important as what's inside, they say. Take those anonymous gift boxes and make the gift box as nice as the gift itself!


6. Curtain Rods Ceramic Knobs Ends

If you revamp a chest by adding ceramic knobs to the drawers, you could use the same knobs as curtain rod ends.

7. Kitchen Ceramic Knobs Hangers

Ceramic knobs usually come in pack, and for sure, you will have a couple ceramic knobs left. If you had chosen to put new knobs on your kitchen cabinets, you can use your left over knobs as decorative elements in the kitchen. 

Install some knobs as towels or dishtowels hangers in strategic spots to keep close to hand.  Ceramic knobs are original hangers for pots and pans or ustensil bins. You may use decorative cords to facilitate the hanging of various items.


We wish you every success in your decoration projects!

Find some inspiration with these few ceramic knobs models.



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