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Fabulous Indian Art décor ideas for less than $50


Exotic décor ideas for less than $50. Impossible? 

We all like surrounding ourselves with beauty, create a space to our own image and comfort. Interior design is not only a flourishing industry, but also a hobby shared by many of us. Regardless of our style, be it contemporary, modern, rustic, countryside or eclectic, nothing is more pleasurable than discovering a special item that fits perfectly to our décor, or find a wonderful idea that will make this one magazine-worthy.  

The summum of it is finding a beautiful idea we'll be able to carry out ourselves, with our skills and home tools, easily...and for less than 50 dollars! Impossible?

Piano room décor | Latitudes World Décor
But a magazine-worthy décor is expensive, isn't it?

Well, not always; far from there, there is a way to decorate and create a spectacular impact without bleeding our wallet, and we will propose in this post beautiful ideas, most of which will only require a couple of nails and some glue. Let's get started!

You're a décor enthusiast. You're already watching -so many!- TV shows on this topic, rich in good ideas but which are not always so easy to achieve by our own means, be them our skills or finances. 

You already know the retailers dedicated to trendy décor, which market every year new 'hot' products admittedly to make you want to change your interior design. Large retailers now have a whole deco section. Prices are reasonable enough, as long as you're not looking for something exclusive and personalised. 

Bathroom décor set | Latitudes World Décor
"Prêt-à-porter" bathroom décor set

For those who value originality, there is one tool completely free and affordable to all: our imagination! By far the best way to create a space that is unique and tailored to our taste and personality. 

Because more often than not, it's not the item itself, but how we use it that makes an impact!

The focal point technique

A good start and one of the best tips to decorate and bring life to a room is to create a focal point: an item or a location in the room called to become the centre of attention and generate reaction and admiration...litterally, the wow! factor. For instance, if you happen to have a chimney or a window with a million-dollar view, there you go with your focal point! Now it's time to put it in highlight. 

An eclectic furniture, a large mirror or painting all make excellent focal points, though are rarely affordable. The most astute and affordable way to create a focal point is to dress a single wall! Observe your room. Which is the wall you see first? This is generally the ideal spot for an accent wall. In an open space room, you have a general view: what part of the furniture do you want to highlight? You should then dress the wall behind these furnitures! 


You may use traditional methods to dress a wall, such as paint and wallpaper. Paint is a good choice, with its endless choice of colours and finishes; and it's a material that leaves room to creativity. Of course, not all of us are artists, but with - a little bit of - patience, we may achieve rather beautiful effects:

Room paint effect | Latitudes World Décor Room paint effect | Latitudes World Décor Room paint effect | Latitudes World Décor Room paint effect | Latitudes World Décor
Paint: around CA$50 the gallon


It was trendy in the 70s and 80s, went south at the end fo the century but has been making a comeback recently, with new technologies bringing revolutionary trendy looks, such as the high-definition imagery. When the place and wallpaper are properly chosen, the impact can be breathtaking! But it's not the most affordable décor option around and you'll find yourself setting aside around $300 for an 8'x12' (244x366cm) mural.

Fabulous décor options for less than $50

Textile wall art or tapestry

The art of tapestry is ancient. Egyptians already practised this art and fragments of tapestries have been discovered in the pharaoh's tombs, a tradition that would be repeated by the Greek and the Romans.

In occidental civilizations, tapestry was developed during medieval times in the XIth century and was influenced by the crusades that brought rugs and tapestries from Orient. Their use was mainly utilitarian: tapestries made of wool or silk were used as thermal isolation to protect from cold, humidity and air drafts. Easily transportable, tapestries follow the royal convoys in their numerous voyages. 

Berne Tapestry | Latitudes World Décor
'The adoration of the Magi', Berne tapestry, 1st half of the XVth century 

The invention of the loom in 1805 brings more precision and new patterns, such as the jacquard. Mural tapestries gain in popularity, until the 19th century when they declined as wall art to the benefit of wallpaper. 

Deeply inspired by this antique decoration technique, Latitudes World Décor  has unearthed a collection of splendid large Indian cotton tapestries designed by Osho Maharaja, a former Indian engineer made textile designer and manufacturer in the city of Jaipur. 

With less than $40, and measuring 92"x80" (230x200cm) these somptuous cotton tissues ornated with mandalas of vivaceous colours will light up your imagination and create spectacular effects in your wall décor. Allow yourself to get inspired: 

Shop Indian Cotton Mandala

The already spectacular colour of these modern chairs is highlighted by the flamboyant nuances of the mural tapestry.

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

A widely different atmosphere is created in this contemporary décor when we add this stunning mandala tapestry. Mandala is a Sanskrit term meaning circle, and by extension, sphere, environment, community. In Buddhism, it is widely used in meditation. 

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

A magisterial effect is achieved for a boutique or a trendy restaurant. Here, the tapestry is glued on a plywood sheet.  

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

This small sized young girl room looks gorgeous with this accent wall, as easy to install as it is to remove!

The vivaceous colours and the soothing effect of the mandala pattern create an eyecatching yet minimalistic impact in this otherwise void décor. A couple of nails and some double-sided tape are enough to hold this precious cotton wall art. For a more finished effect, you may even sew a hem in the bottom and insert a wooden or metal stem.    

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor
What a unique and spectacular bed head!

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

Use architectural features already present such as the soffits and the recessed walls. A fascinating yet not too effort-demanding effect. Note that two pieces of tissue were required to achieve this effect. 

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

Beautiful highlight on a contemporary fireplace. Patterns are shifted on purpose to break with the monotony of the view and give a special effect to the room.  .

Dare even more!

Think about installing your tapestry elsewhere than a wall...places which don't come to mind at first but produce unbelievable effects.

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

This already fabulous high-end kitchen becomes an artwork as part of the mandala covers the drawers of the central island. 

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor
This laminated closet is given a new life! 

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

Give a new aspect to your folding bed head. You won't want to fold it ever again!

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

Buy affordable furniture from large retailers and make them unique, or dress up a bookshelf you already have:

If you are one of those who prefer to dose the colours, use these affordable frames to highlight parts of the tapestry's pattern. The texture of the tissue and wealth of colours will give your creation and somptuous and high-end cachet. 

And since we're talking, why stop at the walls? These superlative Indian cotton tapestries also make beautiful bedspreads and will allow you to transform the atmosphere of your bedroom in a glimpse. Find some assorted sheets, try daring colour tones, let your creativity soar and change your décor at the pace of seasons and moods.

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

This large piece of tissue can also be used as a tablecloth, curtain or even as a beach roundie, wide enough to free enough space around you on a busy beach...

And you? What other creative idea or inspiration do you have for the mandalas?

Available at the Latitudes Store:

Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor Indian cotton mandala | Latitudes World Décor

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